Sometimes a smile is a mile away
Sometimes a mile is time to sway
Sometimes time is in my way
I’m walkin’ my way just day by day


There is dynamite inside my soul
Exploding wide to make me whole
There are walls that keep me from the mic
But I’ll just paint them as I like 


Lengthen your legs and fly to the moon
Paint your dreams in pink and soon
you’ll feel the light so bright and ready
for that move, now go, you’re steady


Halfway there and what do you observe?
A wall, some paint, a chair, a floor?
There’s nothing more to await or deserve?
The simple presence will open a door?


When painting in pink
You become what you think

Youthful and lively
So caramel fresh
A romance in color

But It’s just what you think
While drowning in pink


Cover here and cover there
Cowgirl cover up everywhere
Playin’ a cover for someone to cover
Takin’ cover for someone’s cover
Cowgirl cover up anywhere
Even a covering eye on a chair


Oh how you walked
Oh how she walked
Oh how he walked
Oh how we walked
Oh how they walked
Oh and where did they all go?


Paint and roll in and out of tunes
Scream and whisper in shade and color
Blow the mind with pink balloons
Move and rock into discover


Dream and dare
Sleep and share
A beautiful beach
Way beyond reach
One for yous
One for mes
And for times
On stormy seas