Everything has already been expressed. But not in this way. I travel and I invite you to my gallery. I travel in reality and imagination. I move through movement, sound and letters. I settle in doubtful places with trustful company. I move on through art and science. I want to listen and stay and be on my way. These are the traces of my foothold, composed as I perceive them. Once in a while I open my gallery to public through this site or in physical places.

I am a dancer that became a language teacher, that became a seamstress, that became a musician, that became a guide, that became a choreographer, that became a composer, that became an artist, that became a stage technician, that became a dancer. I am what I do, maybe everything or nothing of the above right in this moment. I have managed many of the roles within production and performance of artistic activity, within teaching, within organising events and managing a company. I was born in Sweden and my family is global. I believe in us, in respect and in curiosity.

Welcome to see some of my former work on this website: